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The Moment Anne's Husband Paul Decided To Become Paula

You're married with three beautiful children. Your husband is active and healthy - he loves competing in triathlons, weightlifting, bodybuilding and wrestling. 

But then one thing he says to you changes both of your lives - and the lives of your kids - forever. 

Anne was caught completely off guard when her husband approached her and told her that he had 'Gender Dysphoria'.

Paul had an internal longing to be Paula and she intended to start putting into place actions so that she could live their life under the new identity. 

"My husband at the time had pursued very masculine pursuits and covered up a deep disconnect that had been there since childhood," Anne told Bianca, Terry and Bob. 

"I didn’t know what it all meant. I didn’t see it coming."

After trying to wrap her own mind around the fact that her marriage had forever changed, there was the challenge of also telling their three kids. 

"That was a bit of a long process… We talked about treating people as people," she explained. 

"We have some gay relatives as well, so ‘we just treat them as normal people’, so we just added transgender to the mix. And so we said ‘you actually even know someone who is transgender’.

"The middle child was actually kind of excited by that prospect, until it was revealed that that transgender person is actually your father.

"Then there was a lot of back-peddling and it was like ‘oh no, what am I going to do my world is ending’."

Anne said each of her children reacted differently to the news. 

"The youngest one was at an age where any family life is normal, so they don’t know any different," she said. 

"Our eldest one was 'okaaaay'.

"The middle one… he was the one who actually had the most empathy and came back to Paula and said, 'Daddy, do you find it offensive if we call you dad?'.

And Paula said, 'Yeah I kinda do.'

"So our middle child was like well we’ll find another name for you – he was only ten at the time."

As for Anne and Paula's marriage? She admits that there is no intimacy. 

"We’re not intimate, that ended," she said. 

"There was a bit of heartbreak in there as well.

"I wasn’t really too sure what was happening and Paula was hellbent on transitioning."

Anne candidly discusses with Bianca, Terry and Bob about the first Mother's Day after Paula began transitioning... 

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