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The Moment That Saw Bianca Reveal Her DV Nightmare

Earlier this year, in an unplanned moment of live radio, Bianca revealed she had first hand experienced the terror of domestic violence.

“I wasn’t sure if I should share this or not, but I think I might help people understand it a bit more if I do,” she confided on air.

And then, for the first time in her career, she publicly shared her story.

“I sound confident. I sound like someone who can stand up for myself. However, in my early 20’s I broke up with a guy who couldn’t handle that. He showed up at my house,” she revealed.

“I was in a situation where I was terrified and I was crying in the kitchen with a knife in my hand because he punched me twice, threw my Jack Russell up against a wall, cracked a rib and he choked me.”

Her story did exactly what she’d hoped – not only did it make people stop and listen, they also shared their stories.

Because by sharing those stories, hopefully others will realise that it’s not okay.

Now Bianca has further divulged what happened that morning to make her share that moment from 20 years earlier.

“I’m normally the funny girl, I’m normally the one cracking the gags. So for me it was a really uncomfortable place to be,” she said in an interview with Channel Seven’s The Daily Edition.

But after hearing Rosie Batty be so honest and brave as she shared her own story on 97.3fm, Bianca knew it was time.

“It can happen to anybody. Anybody can find themselves in a situation of domestic violence,” she told The Daily Edition.


“One in three of us experience domestic violence at some stage of our lives – and it’s just too many.”

So with the Darkness To Daylight Challenge and Domestic Violence Awareness Month bringing the issue back into the spotlight, Bianca is once again speaking out in the hopes it will help save others.

Watch the full interview with The Daily Edition above and show your support for Darkness To Daylight here.

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