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The One Food Masterchef Judge Matt Preston Won't Taste Test

Matt Preston is a Masterchef Judge.

He has tasted delicacies from around the world. Doesn't squirm at the thought of eating brain or liver. In fact he quite likes the latter. 

I mean, the guy compares eating 'udder' to being akin to parmesan cheese.

But what is one dish he has NO intention to ever try? 


meanwhile, parents (especailly women) are doing so daily. 

It's not the most common practice but it definitely happens and the health benefits have been praised. 

Personally, we're on your side, Matt... 

Unfortunately one of our listeners came across a refrigerated placenta in their work fridge recently after a co-worker forgot they put it in there. 

And we thought a mouldy sandwich was bad... 

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