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The PM Is About To Learn Something Awkward About Netflix!

If we’re completely honest, even we’ve been caught out by the phrase “Netflix and chill”.

For those of you who still think it means chilling out while watching Netflix, prepare for an education.

And don’t worry, you’re not alone!

This morning when we quizzed the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in order to get to know him a bit better, Bianca threw out the question: “Do you ever ‘Netflix and chill’ with Lucy?”.

The PM’s answer?

“Yes! Yes we do!”

Sounds innocent enough till you look up what the phrase really means.

In Urban Dictionary’s own words it's: “code for two people going to each others houses and ******* and doing other sexual related acts”.

We’re guessing Malcolm hasn’t seen that one just yet if this conversation is anything to go by…

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