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The Real Housewives Star Being Haunted By A Ghost!

What’s more unbelievable – ghosts or reality TV? What if you have the two in one story?!

Because we’ve got a tale that will do one of two things… blow your mind or make you roll your eyes.

After Bianca brought in psychic medium, Jason McDonald, to try and convince our biggest sceptic, Tez, that ghosts are real, we decided to hook him up with some callers.

Including Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield.

Known for her no-nonsense attitude, it surprised us to learn that the reality star not only believes in spooky spirits, but believes there are two living in her home!

“I would have been a naysayer only a few short years ago, but I’ve had an experience – look I have to say I believe in the other side,” she told Bianca, Terry & Bob.

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“I’m a Real Housewife of Sydney – I have a Real House Ghost of Sydney.”

“We bought this place five years ago and it was run down, very daggy 70’s style house. An elderly couple lived there, they both died very shortly before we bought it, it was a deceased estate.

“The daughter, the executor, said ‘look we want to sell you the home but please don’t do too much to it because it was our family pride and joy’.

“We had our fingers crossed and went ‘yeah okay whatever’ and then completely renovated it.”

Well it looks like that wasn’t the best idea with the Real Housewife paying for it ever since!

Listen below from the 5.47 minute mark as she explains how her home has been haunted ever since and Jason passes on a message from the other side…

Can't get enough of Jason and his spooky findings? Watch below as he reveals the spirits haunting our own building...

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