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The Scary Way Kids Are Mimicking ‘13 Reasons Why’

It’s the Netflix show that has divided audiences and according to one psychologist we should be concerned, because teenagers are already mimicking 13 Reasons Why.

About a troubled teen who leaves a series of tapes to those she blames for her suicide, the 13-part series has both its critics and supporters.

While some say it opens up the conversation, according to psychologist Jo Lamble she’s already had several cases where kids have written their own ‘notes’.

“Suicide can be contagious or the suicidation,” she told Bianca, Terry & Bob.

“The thoughts about suicide can be contagious. Teenagers are very, very influenced by these things and we’ve got to watch out, we’ve got to talk to them.”

She says these notes shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

“The more they call out for help, the more likely they are to do something,” she said.

Listen below as she shares the terrifying stories she’s already heard and how we should be helping these teens…

Would you let your teens watch the show or do you have your own concerns about it?

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