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The Women Forced To Use Napkins, Newspapers Or Worse

Imagine having so little money that you are forced to buy a pack of table napkins, not sanitary napkins, to deal with your period each month.

It’s a story that sounds so far removed from our everyday life that it’s shocking to realise this is happening in Australia today and right now.

In fact, it’s the true story of one of Share The Dignity’s volunteers who found herself homeless with two children and living out of a car.

Another lady who was living in a dumpster in Brisbane was so desperate, she resorted to socks.

In order to get people in the community to fully understand Share the Dignity it is important to make you understand the issue of homelessness and the huge impact that has on women and as we are in our #dignitydrive just what that would be like if you were homeless. The most common cause of homelessness for women is due to domestic violence. Whilst we are waiting on new census figures we know there are at least nearly 20,000 homeless in the Sunshine State. 44% of those are women. By donating just one packet of pads or tampons during our April #dignitydrive we can all ensure that women are not having to use socks, wadded up toilet paper or newspaper to deal with her period. Sanitary items should be a right not a privilege. www.sharethedignity.com.au #sharethedignity #thehomelessperiod #makingadifference

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For Rochelle Courtenay it’s a far too common story and one she’s trying to stop with her charity.

Listen below as she shares the heartbreaking and true stories of women struggling to afford the most basic of necessities…

This April you can donate tampons and pads as part of the #dignitydrive. The full list of businesses involved is here.

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