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There Are Just Some Words That Manu Should Not Say

We love Manu. We love Shane Jacobson. So when the pair came in studio to promote their new movie The BBQ, it was a laugh fest.

Turns out there are a number of words that Manu just should not say. 

The thick accent has seemingly gotten him into trouble. 

Like when he had to come back to the Masterchef studio to revoice a number of segments because each time he tried to say 'household' it instead sounded like 'asshole'. 

Or 'ass cream' instead of 'ice cream'.

But then he took it one step further in studio with Bianca, Terry and Bob... and Shane was very quick to pick up on it... 

Of course we couldn't let the French chef visit without making him put on a show. 

Years ago we made Manu juggle a range of sauce bottles, so we had to up the ante this year. 

How about a large salt shaker, a tomato sauce bottle and an EGG!

See how he went above... 

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