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Time’s Up TriCare! The Local Community Is Fired Up!

By Isabella Lovric

Who knew a fire in an abandoned retirement village could spark such a huge debate.

On Saturday night, former Salvin Blue Care Nursing Home at Carina Heights went up in flames with forty firemen called to the scene.

Local residents claim that this fire was one of many over the last four years and that the abandoned village is an eyesore.

Current owners, Tri-Care, have plans for redevelopment to build a new facility, however, demolition has not yet begun concerning the local community. 

Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner spoke to 973FM’s Bianca, Terry and Bob.

“There is no compulsion to start immediately,” he said about the demolition of the property. “A development application lasts for four years, so they can start anytime in four years and this one has been dragging out.

“Everyone is sick of it and they just want to see it cleared up, demolished and made safe,”

Mr Schrinner believes that Tri-Care is just “dragging their feet”. Because of this, the Brisbane City Council have created a petition to put added pressure on the company to demolish the building.

Multiple fires and ongoing vandals have caused significant safety and amenity concerns for residents which have created an ongoing drain on resources for emergency services and police.

It seems many residents on Facebook agree with the Deputy Mayor, however, some disagree.






You can sign the petition here.

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