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She Was Fat Shamed at Adele, Then This Happened!

It's the Adele concert moment that shocked Australia, we had to help.

This story really hit a nerve with us. And going by the feedback we've received, it hit close to home for a lot of you as well.


Leisa Marie Bennett was at the Adele concert in Brisbane on Sunday but instead of it being one of the best concerts of her life, it was instead a night she would rather forget.

We honestly were holding back tears when she described the onslaught of abuse that she endured by a complete stranger sat beside her. 

Not only did a woman nudge and use her physical strength against Leisa but then subjected her to yelling, swearing and fat shaming her in front of a packed Adele crowd. 

The situation escalated so much that Leisa decided she had to remove herself, ultimately missing out on half of the Adele concert that she paid to go to. 

When we heard her story we knew we had to do something. 

When we spoke to her, it reinforced the point event further. 

So now thanks to Bianca, Terry and Bob, this lovely lady has a second chance at seeing the Adele concert - hopefully this time in full without being abused. 

We are sending her and a friend to Melbourne to watch the concert as well as putting her up at the Vibe Savoy hotel - just across the road from Southern Cross. 

While we can't make up for the horrible experience she faced, hopefully we can at least give her an Adele concert she won't want to forget!


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