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We Have A Special Surprise For Ben and Brad

We love stories with a happy ending. 

15 Year Old Brad started his day off with a good deed. 

He went to visit his grandma and offered to mow her lawn (of course in true grandma fashion he was reimbursed generously). 

He then rode to the local shopping centre to grab lunch and a movie with his friends. 

But then things went horribly wrong. 

The bike that he had locked up at the shopping centre - his dad's last birthday present - had been stolen.

After looking around every bike rack to no avail, he braced himself for the uncomfortable phone call to his mum. 

Despite CCTV footage of the locked bike being stolen from the shopping centre, no one has been able to find it. 

Brad's aunt sent us an email to ask for help find his dad, Ben's, bike.

You'll just have to watch to see what happens next...

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