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What All Parents Of Teenage Girls Need To Know

You've gotten through the sleepless few years of infancy, taught them their ABCs and 123s, hopefully some manners and core values along the way. 

Then they turn 13. 

Raising teenagers comes with a whole new set of rules and situations.

And research suggests that being a 14 year old girl is a pivotal age in life. 

According to author Madonna King, how both the child and the parents navigate their way through that period is incredibly important for the future of high school, relationships and life. 

But it's not just about keeping young girls in line or safe, it's about empowering them to make their own decisions and have confidence and respect for themselv. 

Bianca Terry and Bob spoke to the author of "Being 14 - Helping fierce teens become awesome women" and the chat was quite enlightening. 

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