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What Ayla Cresswell’s Court Win Means For Family Law

Ayla Cresswell has made headlines after winning a landmark legal case which will now allow her to use her late partner's sperm for IVF. 

The 25-year-old, with the support of his parents, have fought for the past two years in the Queensland courts to be allowed such a move. 

But now that it has passed, we were interested to find out how this ruling can impact future cases. 

Deputy President of the Queensland Law Society Bill Potts called in to talk about the ramifications to family law and paternity cases. 

"The court was making a decision on the legal issues... but the human element was inescapable," Potts said. 

There are so many issues that stem from this case - from smaller issues like what surname the child may be brought up with. 

Through to larger issues like what access do the grandparents of the deceased legally get to the child. 

Or in succession and estate planning what legal rights does the child have in the future. 

As well as the emotional ramifications and questions around the motivation of this family to go to these extreme lengths. 

A family in mourning, desperate to cling onto the memory of their late partner / son. 

It's certainly an interesting and complex discussion. 

Hear what Potts had to say below. 

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