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What Happens When Bianca Gets Her Yoni Steamed & Films It!

Yoni steaming.

Apparently we've all been missing out all these years. 

The practice of steaming your nether-regions is apparent in many cultures and Gwyneth Paltrow does it, so surely it means we should have a look in too, right? 

Thankfully we had a willing participant in Bianca to walk us through the practice. 

It basically involves a range of herbs and flowers which is infused with heat to create steam, the woman then sits on the 'throne' with a hole cutout for the steam to exit through. 

The premise is to encourage blood circulation, keep the area clean and balanced and also boasts properties to help with conditions such as endometriosis and fertility. 

Heck, we're almost convinced to give it a try now ourselves!

Plus apparently it's relaxing as hell.

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