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What Hope Is There For The Six Men Missing Off The QLD Coast

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the six young men who are currently lost at sea. 

More than anything we are holding out hope for news that they can be returned to their loved ones alive and okay. 

But as each hour passes, that becomes less likely. 

So we wanted to know what is happening in the rescue efforts and what chances their are of finding one or all of the men alive. 

Ian from Life Flight explained the resources that are currently deployed to the area and the strategy that they are going into the area with. 

He also speaks of the harsh weather conditions and how that is impacting the search efforts. 

The search is continuing on Thursday, with authorities hopeful that improving weather conditions might allow them to find the men.

Relatives of skipper Ben Leahy, 45, and crew members Adam Hoffman, 30, Eli Tonks, 39, Adam Bidner, 33, West Australian Zach Feeney, 28, and Chris Sammut, 34, have gathered in Gladstone, where the search is being coordinated.

About a dozen vessels, two choppers and two planes are scouring Bustard Bay where the Dianne, used to harvest sea cucumbers, went down.

A fleet of four-wheel drives and an amphibious vehicle are also scouring the shoreline.

Poor weather has hampered the search, forcing choppers back to base at times over the past few days, but conditions are expected to improve from about midday.

Ruben McDornan, the sole known survivor, has been helping authorities piece together what happened.

He survived by clinging to the Dianne's hull before being saved by a couple on a passing yacht who heard his screams for help.

On Wednesday, his tearful wife Sammy said she was so grateful he was alive but she shed tears over the fate of his six workmates, saying they were "like family" to each other.

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