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What Magda Szubanski Explains That Quote About Being Gay

“I would say I am gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, little bit not gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,” Magda famously said on The Project.

When we questioned her on what exactly that means, she had a very honest answer.

“It means darling that in my youth… after a couple of wines… no I’ve never been 100% I’m probably like 99.999%,” she said.

“That little bit not gay.”

As for why she decided to come out publicly after not addressing her sexuality for most of her career, her reasoning was simple.

There are so few openly gay celebrities in our country and they are a subsect of the community that need a voice.

“I am very much a private person and I think my private life is my own business,” she said.

“But I just thought this is such an important issue.

“I’m bloody single, Maybe I should do Magda wants a wife.”

Many of us first came to love Magda for her portrayal of Esme Hoggett in the movie Babe.

A much-loved story of the 90s.

But it seems after being in the movie about the adorable piglet, people haven’t been so forgiving of her when eating bacon in her real life…

“I remember I was in a café just after the first babe film came out and I was eating my breakfast and this lady leant across and said ‘is that bacon!?’” she joked.

“My defence is that my character in the film actually eats bacon so it’s method acting.”

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