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Why Bianca Probably Won't Get Her Final Goodbye With Friend

Bianca recently opened up about a friend with terminal cancer who is just counting the days, hours until his last breath. 

And while she was planning to fly interstate to say her final goodbye, life and her own mental health has gotten in the way. 

Unfortunately, Bianca has now discovered that her friend was lying about his health and that he is in fact a much worse state than he let on. 

His family had even been posing as him through text messages when he has been unable to respond to the hundreds of messages of love and well wishes coming his way. 

It has now reached a point where the family are so overwhelmed that Bianca thinks perhaps she should let them be by her friend's side during his final time and to not interrupt. 

And a female friend's loving text message has seemingly solidified that decision. 

Find out the latest update on Bianca's heartbreaking situation above. 

If you haven't spoken to a close friend or family member recently, take time today to reach out and remind them how much you love them. 

Because life is short. 

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