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Why Fat Shaming Isn't The Only Player In The Shame Game

We’ve heard plenty about fat shaming.

Stars like Kelly Clarkson, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have all publicly spoken out against the prejudice they’ve experienced about their weight.

Most recently, one woman in the US revealed she was left traumatised after being shamed at a clothes store - despite having lost nearly 40 kilograms.

But there’s another type of shaming we don’t hear about as often. Skinny shaming.

It’s a battle Channel 10’s Jessica Rowe knows all too well.

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

With her naturally slim frame, the media personality has copped plenty of criticism over her figure and she says it’s time to stop.

“I would get very upset when people would think it would be okay to just put me down and say ‘you only look like that because you have an eating disorder’,” she told us.

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

And she’s not alone.

After hearing about Jessica’s experiences, we soon had plenty of other women confirming skinny shaming is just as big a problem as fat shaming.

Listen below as they reveal some of the hurtful comments they’ve received...


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