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Why Our Receptionist Gave The Veronicas' Lisa A Piggyback

Brisbane is like a small country town. Everyone knows everyone - especially in the age of Facebook.

So we shouldn't really have been surprised when the Brissy born singers The Veronica's came into the studio and we realised our own co-worker had an interesting history with the girls.

Turns out when our young receptionist Jess was seven-years-old, the Veronica's attended a Coles Christmas party that she was also at.

In fact, the little awestruck kid was lucky enough to get a piggy back from one of the twins (we are almost definitely sure it was Lisa). 

Flash forward to today and well, Jess is no longer a little seven year old.

While Lisa offered to piggyback Jess we thought it was wise to switch things up, considering Jess was now heads and shoulders taller than the diminutive twins.

Full circle to so to speak. 

We think this is so cute!!

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