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Will Energex Be In Control Of Your Air-Con This Summer?

With all this talk of 26c, peaksmart and text messages... we had Ian Jarret QLD Consumers Association debunk some of the myths ahead of summer.

Firstly we wanted to know what this 'peaksmart' air conditioner system is all about. 

“Since 2012 Energex… has been offering a rebate to people who buy peaksmart air conditions – they are modern air conditions… and you get from them… the box that attaches to it… contact Energex and you get a rebate,” Jarret said.

“It allows Energex those few times a year when it’s really, really hot and there’s pressure on the system just to crank your system back a little bit.

“No effect on comfort, you don’t notice it, it’s just cranked back for a period of time.

“It doesn’t adjust the temperature at all.”

The rebates range from $100 to $400 depending on the kilo watts. 

So like the signal that can turn off your hot water system, this initiative is one that allegedly happens automatically and without disrupting the comfort level in your own home, without an sms being sent. 

Meanwhile, it seems the blue print that was circulating earlier this week from the QLD Government is optional during peak times - turning the air conditioner up to 26 degrees instead of the recommended 24. 

And we'll just have to wait and see if the government will use text messages or not this summer. 

Do you think sending sms's is a privacy violation? 

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