Let Hinksy keep you company in the afternoon with hot music from the 80s, 90s and now. 

 Hinksy loves the radio so much and realised he knew from the beginning that was what he wanted to do. He got his first job after being coaxed down from a transmission tower. 

He's a philosopher at heart, and when not on-air he contemplates the big questions in life. Like why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants? And why do they let him around children sans pants? 

Hinksy’s a proud nerd and if you ask nicely, he would be more than happy to show you his collection of Transformers’ memorabilia, and comic book figurines. 

He’s also mad keen on helicopters, jets and anything military. (Just make sure you have an exit before you ask him anything about them.) 

He doesn’t drink coffee, but tea. So god knows how he stays awake. But he does. And in fact, he is not only awake, but positively chirpy.  

Hinksy is on the radio every afternoon from midday to 3pm playing Brisbane's Best Mix of the 80s, 90s and now 


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