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Kyle Sandilands

Kyle & Jackie O - Hour of Power

Your most unexpected Twitter follower? I’ve never even checked Twitter followers on Twitter, I should check shouldn’t I?! Do people check? I should check

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? Um… Oh Cara Delavigne, she’s great, great shots.

What was your first tweet? “G’Day Bitches! #NoHashtag”

After KIIS, the first website you visit each day is: the Daily Mail website… I just like looking at myself on there.

All-time favourite YouTube video? I like the video that some phantom took of Justin Bieber doing races in miami

Who are your best friends on SnapChat? I don’t do snapchat. My girlfriend said no.

If you made your own social network, what would you call it? Sexbook

What’s the first app you check on your phone each morning? I’m one of these guys that don’t even have an app, I’m on blackberry and I’m app free

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is? True blood

What’s really your favourite TV show? The West Wing

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life? OMG, obviously Russell Crowe in the later, fatter years and in the earlier years, the late great Heath Ledger (obviously)

What’s the first concert you ever went to? LIVE… remember that rock band? Nup, me neither really.

Are you a cat or dog person? Well, I’ve got three dogs and one cat so I must be more of a dog person.


Coffee spot: DB’s Double Bay or Sienna, Woolloomooloo

Market: Darl! I don’t do markets

Beach: Bondi Beach obviously, that’s the best beach in the world

Holiday destination: for tropical holiday, Fiji, for a fabulous holiday destination LA, you can’t go past LA.

Weekend getaway: Blue Mountains

Way to work out: sweat over a hot, warm corpse… not a dead person! Me girlfriend… that didn’t come out right.