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Terry Hansen

Robin, Terry & Bob - Weekdays 5.30-9am

Your most unexpected Twitter follower?

Ricky Dumigan – Trainer of returned soldiers at Mates for Mates. Had an awesome time with his team last year running the ANZAC Run with a 25kg backpack that belonged to a returned Vet from Afghanistan. I think Ricky wants to see me sweat again.

Favourite account to follow on Instagram?

My daughter’s photo account. Not checking up, but she has a real eye for the little gems wherever she goes. I’ve been to the same spots and on the same holidays, but see it through her eyes.

What was your first tweet?

"Lara Bingle thought putting an “L” on the back of her car meant Personalised Plates?!"

After 973fm, the first website you visit each day is:

Danoday.com – Quirky and weird news from around the world.

All-time favourite YouTube video?

The Ultimate Dog Tease – It is so like my RSPCA dog Mia!

If you made your own social network, what would you call it?

WHAT TEZ SEZ – Setting it up through tweets and links to website with all sorts of audio.

What’s the first app/thing you check on your phone each morning?

Robin, Terry & Bob Facebook – to see what’s on our listeners minds or if someone has posted another weird photo of me. I’ve been trying for “seething sexuality” but just come up with “Dorky Dad”?!

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is?

QI on ABC with Stephen Fry to show that I get witty intellectual humour.

What’s really your favourite TV show?

Homeland – I love an episode that leaves you shout “No Way that Happened!” at the TV.

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life?

Is there a movie length version of Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Romano stole my life.

What’s the first concert you ever went to?

Fleetwoood Mac at Festival Hall. When Stevie Nicks swayed to the front of the stage and said, “Wherever We Are…You’re Number 1!” I was in LOVE!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog!…Let me think about that… Dog!… No wait…what was the other option?...Did I say Dog?!



Footy team: Brisbane Broncos – Wayne Bennett was my hero as a kid at Brothers RLFC in Grange. I caught the plane home with the team after the last Grand Final win in 2006. I had an original 1988 jersey and the newest one for this year!

Coffee spot: The Coffee Van at Souths Soccer in Runcorn. They’re always there for the parents of the kids in early game at 8am on a Saturday morning!

Bar: Phoenix Bar at the Brackenridge Tavern – A mixture of long tables and booths and a great place to perform stand–up comedy. I think the locals appreciate the long drive to share a gag!

Market: Northey Street Organic Fruit Market from 5.30am on Sunday morning. Everyone looks so fresh faced and healthy it gives me hope after Saturday night!

Brunch spot: Riverbend Books Bulimba. I eat the food I should be eating and browse for the books I should be reading!

Music venue: A Day on the Green at Sirromet: Train / INXS / Barnsey and more!

Beach: Main Beach – for the body surfing. Just after I left school I had a two birth caravan with a 2 berth annex that used to sleep me and 20 mates most weekends.

Holiday destination: Alexandra Headlands. Choice of two beaches, the Italian Restaurant and the Surf Club breaky! Safe enough for my teenage kids to enjoy their independence.

Restaurant: Loving Jamie’s Italian that’s opened up not so long ago in the old Rowes Arcade in Edward Street. Shady Palms at Stones Corner is too close to work and the Spanish Red is too tasty!

Weekend getaway: Montville and Maleny. A bit of bushwalking, a few boutiques and then ice cream and some takeaway cheeses on the way home. We should walk more and cheese less.

Way to work out: Touch Footy - the game I play at Mt Gravatt on a Saturday arvo was started by me and some school mates around 30 years ago. A lot of our sons play now!