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Todd Fisher Honours His Mum and Sister in A Moving Tribute

The world collectively mourned when the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing broke on December 27. Then, less than a day later, Fisher’s mum and Singin’ in the Rain star Debbie Reynolds died aged 84. 

Reynolds’ son and Fisher’s brother Todd took to the stage to give a speech remembering the two incredible women three months after their death. 

“When Carrie died, my mother decided to change her plans a bit. My mother always said to me, ‘I never want to go to my daughter’s funeral service. I would like to be buried with Carrie,’” Reynolds told her son. 

“I didn’t know she was going to leave us that very next day and when she looked at me to ask permission to leave, she said she wanted to be with Carrie, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was a very peaceful exit that only my mother could’ve orchestrated,” he said.

Adding, “She was trained in Hollywood where they teach you to make a great entrance and exit. … A beautiful exit.”



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