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What this woman sent a man after three dates is HILARIOUS!

Sometimes a cab ride can expose some very interesting stories but usually it’s not the driver telling the story. 

However, for Hughesy it was. Over the weekend a Taxi driver revealed an interesting story of how after the third date with a woman – she sent a blog written about him! 

It was a four-page review describing the dates but she claims to have sent him the blog by accident. 

The blog starts out as a glowing review but takes a very quick turn ‘south’. 

She starts out by saying;

“I was introduced to C through a friend which was a refreshing change to all of the morons I had previously met online...”

She goes on to explain that he seemed to “tick all the boxes.”

“✔     Hardworking

 ✔     Financially secure

 ✔     Older than me

 ✔     Never previously married and no kids

What's the catch why is he single???!” 

“I'm almost immediately disappointed when he gets in the car... He is shorter than me! Urgghhh why, why, why are they always shorter I'm 5'8 which is average for a chick... Seriously where are all the tall guys!”

After the second date the blog reveals the man didn’t know how to put a doona cover on as “Mummy usually did it for him?”

We spoke to both parts in this story and you can hear the chat below.

Read the full blog below:

(Warning: Contains Coarse Language)


I was introduced to C through a friend which was a refreshing change to all of the morons I had previously met online...

My friends daughters were enthusiastically talking about me one evening when he had been around at their place for dinner...

"Oh my Gawwwd C you would love Cat she's single and loves going out to dinner, drinks and travelling she also has her own business...Shes our favourite... Oh we need to hook you guys up!" Upon seeing a photo of me apparently C thought I was gorgeous and decided dinner to meet, was a must!

C seemed to tick all boxes...


✔Financially secure

✔Older than me

✔Never previously married and no kids

What's the catch why is he single???! My friend sent me a pic of C.... Looks wise he wasn't traditionally my type but then again what is my type? Seriously it all comes down to personality & sense of humour right? Right? Trying to minimise any 'judgy' attitudes or superficial beliefs I vowed to remain hopeful.... 

Before the Saturday night group date we exchanged details & spoke on the phone and I was genuinely excited to meet him.

After all he seemed like a good catch, lived close by, was friends with my friends...all pretty great so far... So good.

Saturday night rolls around and my friends husband is as sick as a dog, it almost ends in dinner for two but my friends friend was visiting and hey presto C now had a harem for dinner!

On the way to dinner we pick up C... He lives in a McMansion gated community which I found interesting considering he is single and surprised that any exist in my locale...

I'm almost immediately disappointed when he gets in the car... He is shorter than me! Urgghhh why, why, why are they always shorter I'm 5'8 which is average for a chick... Seriously where are all the tall guys! Also it's winter and he's wearing a T-shirt???

Stop being superficial...stop the judgy thoughts...I keep repeating my mantra! 

Dinner was fun...Cocktails, laughs and great food... Tick tick tick ✔

There was some flirting and we decided to kick on for a few more drinks whilst the others called it a night.

A few tequila shots later which I'm sure we're a plot to seduce and were like teenagers kissing at the bar ... to the horror of some 18 year olds looking on & suggesting we get a room we head back to Cs place and well let's just say we do everything but have sex?! He was like a bull at a gate...Seriously WTF dude....at your age? 

Look I'm not into playing games I am 40 it's not like I'm holding out but when it gets to that point of insert now he says "there's no way I'm fucking you, the longer a woman waits the more respect I have for her?! Seriously! Seriously what a back handed compliment???! Now is not the time... Anyways C wants to spoon all night and I'm left without an ounce of sleep... I wanted to leave but I was locked in the gates! 

We catch up again casually over a meal and drinks to watch the footy... I had my doubts but continue my mantra "stop your judgy thoughts stop your...."

Dinner conversation was well stunted at best and just kinda weird, C brought up a guy I had previously being seeing? Who does that? He then continued to speak again at length on his respect for a woman who holds out? His contradictions continue when back at his place and he wants to have sex? Narcissistic at best...he now wants to have sex?!

No wonder we are constantly fucking confused by men! After I shut that shit down he wanted to "snuggle & kiss" all fucking night... No wonder I didn't sleep a fucking wink! Yet again!

I still remained doubtful and unsure because I didn't really know him but let's face it C had ticks... 

C asked me to keep Saturday night free and I thought ooohhhhh he's got a great date planned for me!

I gave C the benefit of the doubt yet again and lowered my standards, even after he confessed that the reason he was single was he was fussy and waiting for the perfect partner! Well good luck with that...perfect doesn't exit you fucking idiot! Clearly this reflects the myriad of Cs imperfections.

C continued to send what seemed like adoring thoughtful texts and always called when he said he would and well it was a nice change, hence why I decided to see him a 3rd time... 

Red flags flying at full mast after C asked me to come and snuggle one night without a dinner offer? Constant texts and empty non purpose phone calls and an admission that he didn't know how to put his Doona cover on as Mummy usually did it for him? *Remember C is in his mid forties and never married....*

Saturday night 1 week from the group date... He picks me up in his sports car...we continue on to pick up his friends for pre drinks at the gated McMansion before a surprise birthday party.... After continuing to show off in the traffic, speeding, fish tailing and looking around at the lights to see who was looking at him and his sports car, I begin to realise that this guy has massive self esteem issues coupled with short man syndrome and its clear that C is a 12 year old boy stuck in a 45 year old body...

I should have left then.

After arriving at his place for drinks... He has no drinks.... Huh? Not a single fucking alcoholic beverage? Who has drinks at their gated McMansion without any fucking drinks?! He then asks his friends if they can put his Doona cover on for him?! I tease him to hide his embarrassing request to which he yells at me to stop behaving like his mother?! 

I should have left then.

When the stretch limo arrives (circa 91) he can't keep his hands off me, groping me and basically dribbling all over me (enter bipolar narcissistic boy). 5 minutes later he receives a text with a photo of me from his cousin..."just thought you should know your new girl is still on tinder"

Seriously WTF...

A - I'm not your 'Girl'

B - I'm not on Tinder I deleted my app before I met C (I then realise I didn't delete my profile)

C - How does your cousin know what I look like?

D - My business is not your fucking business

E - C was actually still on Tinder which he 

denied & then deleted the app in front me??

F - You are a fucking idiot

I should have left then.

We then pick up the birthday girl who is a hoot same name and star sign as me

so it's a given... Gorgeous and pretty sexy too... I tell C this and ask why he didn't pursue her (they previously 'pashed') she is not my type he tells me after he has surprised her with the 91 stretch limo, dinner and drum roll a penis cake... A fucking penis birthday cake she was 42 not 24! He was clearly and maybe still in love with her?! 

However he then proceeds to tell me that "she likes girls and he would let me have a night with her" .... um what?! WTF!

"If I wanted he would let me have a night with her?!"

Firstly I'm not into chicks, secondly I will do as I please and you will not control me! Thirdly I'm pretty sure at this point I will never being seeing you again to "let" me or not "let" me do anything!

I should have left then.

C continued to get pissed along with his demeanour and he became somewhat jealous of my new found friends and their affection for me... They were telling him non stop how great I was, how gorgeous I was and he'd be mad to lose a great gal like me (he didn't have me to lose me) most guys would love this but he started to throw a tantrum and became moody, I quietly said that he should 'relax', he stood up and stormed out of the restaurant!? New levels...

I should have left then.

His friends begged me to stay confirming that this behaviour was normal for him and happened every time they went out? So that begs the question why are you still friends with C... (C clearly stands for something).

I should have left then.

The night continued with a drunken pub crawl, I'm not sure why I didn't bail maybe it was my new friends persistence or I was just to drunk to care but along the way I meet some guys who started chatting to me and I started to have a great Ol time...

C reappeared and decided it was time to broadcast his thoughts "why don't you go home with them, you may as well just go home with them!" 

And then it became very clear that C was a very sad, lonely, little boy craving for anyone to love him like his mummy, so desperate for this void to be filled he continued to act like the little boy he still is.

Finally I did leave.

Moral of the story, trust your intuition over ur 'judgy' superficial thoughts and for fucks sake leave the first time you think you should leave. No more benefit of the doubt and run the moment you see the first red flag.


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