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Call From Woman Who’s Baby Was Killed In Police Chase

On December 31 2009, when everyone was heading out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Aimee Sassine was dealing with the horrifying thought that her baby girl might not make it into the new year.

Today, she felt compelled to speak to the media for the first time since a terrible crash tore her family apart as she explained to Kyle and Jackie O the meaning behind Skye’s Law.

You might know Skye’s Law or the Crimes Amendment (Police Pursuits) Act 2010 as the law that makes it a specific criminal offence for drivers to evade a police pursuit and continue to drive recklessly. The crime results in three-years behind bars for a first-time offence and five years for a repeat offence.

Kyle and Jackie had been discussing the reasons why police often call off police chases when they appear too dangerous when Aimee called up to explain that it all began when her 18-month old daughter Skye Sassine was killed by a driver who was avoiding police after fleeing the scene of a robbery.

Her story was truly heartbreaking and brought Kyle and Jackie close to tears. Hear Aimee’s devastating story in the video above.

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