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We Had The Most Awkward Moment With Matt Preston Today

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Matt Preston about Masterchef and his love of food, of which we all share the same enthusiasm.

One thing he wasn’t that enthusiastic about, however, was the thought of talking to Marco Pierre White Jnr.

It comes after Matt Preston made comments about legendary chef Marco Pierre White’s son, calling him a ‘Trustifarian’ kid.

The London socialite was NOT impressed, taking to Twitter to BLAST Preston.

Since then, MPW Jr has apologised for comments, via the Kyle and Jackie O show, but it is believed the two are yet to talk to each other directly.

Kyle offered to give MPW Jr a call during his chat with Preston, to which he replied, ‘It’s all okay, it’s in the past now, let’s leave it there.’

Then, Intern Pete did the unthinkable, and accidentally put MPW Jr through to Kyle and Jackie O just as Matt Preston was getting off the phone.

The awkwardness could be felt from space…

‘Hello?’ MPW Jr said.

‘Sorry to call you at 1am buddy, we just had Matt Preston on the phone but he had to go!’

‘He said all that stuff was in the past anyway,’ Kyle said.

But MPW Jr didn’t seem phased. He said it was okay, said his goodbyes and went back to bed.


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