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Megan Marx Reveals Cult She Grew Up In Performed 'Exorcisms'

She walked out on Bachelor Richie in spectacular fashion last night and now Megan Marx has been granted access to speak out about her wildly-reported on upbringing.

It has been reported she grew up in a ‘cult’, however speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Megan chooses to refer to it as a ‘community’.

She revealed that growing up she didn’t watch television and had to wear certain clothes, she also confessed that preachers in the ‘community’ would perform ‘exorcisms’ to cleanse their members of demons.

She described the process involving the preacher placing his hand on the person’s head and speaking in tongue, though revealed it never happened to her.

She married her former husband at the age of 18 and revealed they had been together since she was 14.

She did’n’t have sex until her wedding night, which she described as “the most hilarious night of my life”, “just like the awkward kiss but with other stuff”.

She said choosing to leave the ‘community’ and entering the ‘real world’ was difficult. She wore a bikini for the first time and had her first drink after her marriage dissolved and she left the ‘community’ after five years.

She ended with the fact that she’s been having lots of sex and doing naked twerking ‘round the clock since then, though I imagine the comment was very tongue-in-chic!

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