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Bill Shorten and Pauline Hanson’s AWKWARD On-Air Exchange

This morning on The Fling we had a chat with Bill Shorten, a man who could be the future prime minister of Australia.

With the jury still out on the election results, it’s unclear what will happen in terms of the leadership of our country. Bill was kind enough to call in to chat about the election and the fact that the labour party got a big swing near the end, a move he said Malcolm Turnbull was probably “cranky” about.

Bill spoke about the fact that it would now be easier for him to call up and team with the Independents, especially since he hasn’t spend the last three years “rubbishing them” as he says his competitor has.

Then, something incredible happened. Pauline Hanson phoned in, and the two spoke on air for the first time in ages.

They discussed Pauline’s now infamous view of Halal snack packs, and it got a little awkward…

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