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Dossier Proves How Jackie Cheated On Her ‘Fat Club’ Diet

Nine weeks ago, a select few from the Kyle and Jackie O team decided to set out on a Fat Club adventure.

The goal? Lose the most weight as a percentage relevant to how much you weigh starting out.

We started strong, Intern Pete and Jackie especially.

Jackie was monitoring her portion sizes and swapping pasta and breads for things like fruit and healthy soups.

The weight quickly started dropping off. However, once a week-long break came around, the ‘Fat Club’ suddenly stopped getting messages from Jackie, sharing insights into her healthy meal prep and her inspiration and results - and we started to wonder why.

It turns out a secret dossier supplied by Jackie’s husband Lee has confirmed the worst, that she’d fallen off the wagon and had been splurging on her favourites; macaroni cheese and grilled cheese toasted sandwiches in BED.

We had the photographic evidence to back it up. It was FULL on… Next time, we’re going to be watching her like a hawk…

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