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EXCLUSIVE: The Big Thing Kendall Jenner Kept From Mum, Kris

It seems that even though Kris Jenner is the ultimate momager, there are certain things her kids keep from her; Rob’s proposal to Blac Chyna would be one of the bigger ones, but also something Kendall did, that she obviously didn’t want her mum to know.

While speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Kris revealed that she didn’t find out about Kendall’s nipple piercing until she saw photos of her wearing a sheer top in a magazine!

“You have to pick your battles as a mum,” she said.

“Did you just look at it and think, that’s so Kendall!” Jackie asked.

“No, because it’s so NOT Kendall!” Kris replied. Kendall’s nipples and the piercings have been viewed several times, as she’s stepped out in sheer tops a number of times.

But hey, I guess she’s old enough to make up her own mind!

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