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‘He Is A Liar’ Erin Claims Eden Got Violent With Her

Love Island may have been over for a couple of months now but the biggest drama is only just happening right now!!

By now you should know that one of the favourite couples from the show and the ones tipped to actually stay together, Erin Barnett and Eden Dally, decided to call time on their relationship just over a week ago.

At the time, no real reason was given for the split but many people assumed that the fact that they lived in different states had something to do with it.

However, Eden told us on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning that while the distance played a part in the split, numerous cheating allegations from random people on social media was the real wedge that drove them apart.

“We had messages from strangers saying different things and that was a bit of a strain on the relationship,” he continued. “If I ever did a night club appearance or anything a girl would message her and say, ‘Eden was playing up’, or, ‘Eden was getting rowdy with these girls’."

Eden said that he didn’t believe the allegations and he claimed to have never cheated BUT just moments after Eden’s interview went to air, like we’re talking he’d barely walked out of the building, Erin contacted us saying that Eden had flat out lied to us all.

She agreed to come on air with Jackie and Beau, who was filling in for Kyle this morning, to give the REAL story. But fair warning, it’s pretty heavy and she’s got some serious allegations against her ex.

“He is a liar,” began Erin. “And the fact that he has gone to the radio and has said lies blows my mind because he knows that I’ve got evidence and if he wants me to come out and full show everyone than I will do that.”

Of course we were thinking, ‘Evidence of what?’. Does she have actual proof that he cheated? Well, Erin said that she did have this evidence, but she also had proof of something much more serious. And she explained this by telling us the REAL reason why they broke up.

“The real reason we broke up is because Eden has violent tendencies and he got very aggressive to me the day after we finished Love Island in Spain and there is someone else who can vouch for me for this, I’m not going to name and shame them,” continued Erin.

“So he got very very up in my face violent and when we came back I was in Sydney and he got very aggressive in the car and I said I didn’t want to be with him and he tried to kill us both in the car swerving side to side all out of lanes into other cars.”

Erin continued to say that she was not the only person who knew about Eden’s alleged violent tendencies.

“His family knows about this and his family had to pull him away from me so I could pack my bags and leave his house,” she said.

Not only did Erin claim that Eden got violent towards her but she also said that she had actual proof that he had cheated on her too.

“He cheated on me on the 7th of August just FYI…so he cheated on me with some strippers on the 7th of August after the event that they had with Shelby and Josh and Dom and all that…I have photos of the night when he went there.”

These are incredibly serious allegations and this issue should not be taken lightly. We hope that Erin truly is okay and that this gets sorted out appropriately.

Beau Ryan was particularly blown away by what Erin had said and he reiterated on air just how serious this issue is.

“There will be a follow up now obviously because you can’t make these allegations or you can’t allege that he’s done this stuff and then it be over like this is serious stuff,” he said. “Even today, R U Ok? Day, and people go through all different ups and downs, domestic violence.”

If this story brings up any issues for you or anyone you know you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

For a domestic violence helpline contact 1800 RESPECT.

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