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Jarrod Woodgate Absolutely SLAMS New Bachelorette Ali Oetjen

A lot of people have been pretty vocal about their opinions on Ali Oetjen after she was named Network Ten’s next Bachelorette and now one of the many men that she dated briefly on Bachelor In Paradise is chiming in.

Jarrod Woodgate, who went on one date with Ali while over in Fiji while filming the reality show before she told him she wasn’t interested, has told Kyle and Jackie O what he REALLY thinks about the blonde bombshell.

It all came about when Jarrod and his girlfriend whom he also met during Bachelor In Paradise, Keira Maguire, came on the air for a segment of Cost Of Love.

Basically how it works is that we asked Jarrod a series of questions, recorded his answers and then asked Keira the same questions to see if their answers matched up. And well, one topic that they definitely didn’t differ their answers on was Ali.

“We asked Jarrod what he thinks of Ali the new Bachelorette,” said Jackie. “What do you think he would’ve said?”

Keira answered easily and said that Jarrod thinks Ali is boring and that it was a silly move for them to make her the leading lady in the next series of the Bachelorette. And well, she was pretty much spot on there!

“She’s just fairly lame and boring,” said Jarrod in his previously recorded answer. “And I don’t think she’s got the personality to stand up to 22 guys at a rose ceremony and make something entertaining.”


But despite Jarrod’s tough love for his past flame, Keira did say that she tried to protect Ali when all of the rumours about her and Grant started flowing. Well at least she thought that she was protecting her…

Kyle was explaining that he originally thought that Ali would be boring too, until he heard about the very salacious stuff that she got up to when she allegedly cheated on her now ex-boyfriend Grant.

You might remember that Grant previously came on air with Kyle and Jackie and told them that he broken things off with Ali when he found one of his friend’s going down on her on his staircase!

Keira explained that she knew about these cheating allegations before they went public and actually made up a different rumour about why Ali and Grant broke up in order to stop the real reason from coming out.

“I told someone who I knew would talk to the tabloids to protect her,” said Keira. “I knew what actually happened and I didn’t want it to come out.”

But as it turns out, the whole reason why Grant came out and told us that Ali cheated was to put an end to the rumour that Keira made up in the first place!! Find out what rumour Keira made up in the video above!

BIP's Grant Explained What REALLY Happened When Ali Allegedly Cheated On Him

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