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Katy Perry Surprises SUPER Fans During ‘Music Focus Group’

Recently, KIIS and EMI Music teamed up to create the ULTIMATE surprise for a bunch of Katy Perry SUPER fans, or, as they prefer to be called, ‘Katy Cats’.

We invited them to a music focus group, where they would be asked to provide feedback on Katy’s new music.

One-by-one we took them to a room where they could record their feedback to camera, and maybe, just maybe, Katy would see it.

Each fan had a story about why Katy Perry meant so much to them, and they shared it with the camera as they answered questions from the ‘interviewers’.

Then, at just the right moment, Katy snuck in and SURPRISED each fan in spectacular fashion.

They literally couldn’t believe they were meeting their idol. One fan in particular, Natalie, has a very special connection with Katy.

She suffers from Crohn’s disease and has to go to hospital every eight weeks for treatment… for the rest of her life.

She said Katy’s music gets her through every single hospital visit, and the nurses know to play her music when she comes in to help her survive it.

Katy listened to her tell that story before surprising her with a hug and experiencing one of the most beautiful moments between two people you will ever see.

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