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Guy Sebastian On Rumour Cops Were Called To The Voice

Being in a live studio audience for a show is meant to be a fun experience but according to recent reports this wasn’t really the case at the latest filming of The Voice Australia.

Reports suggested that the audience was getting annoyed when filming ran three hours over schedule.

In reports as crazy as people calling emergency services due to the Facebook and Instagram outage yesterday, it was alleged that one audience member actually called the police to the set, telling them that they had been held in the studio against their will.

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke with one of The Voice Australia coaches and close friend of the show, Guy Sebastian, to find out if the police really showed up on set.

“I thought we’d go straight to the source with Guy Sebastian and find out if this really happened,” said Jackie. “What happened, did the cops actually get called in?”

Guy told us that this didn’t actually happen and the story has clearly been blown out of proportion.

“No, no there was a spokesperson for the NSW Police who’s said that there was no police called,” Guy told us.

“I think they’ve got bigger fish to fry than being held hostage at Fox Studios at a Voice filming.”

Guy told us that filming did run over and it can get tedious at times but they had entertainment there to keep the audience members busy.

“It did run over,” Guy continued. “But sometimes shoots go quickly and they end on time and then other days you feel a bit sorry for the audience because they’ve got to sit through stuff and we’re filming overlays of us hitting the buttons and stuff while they’re just sitting there.

“But there’s a comedian there. Maybe he just wasn’t as funny that night. Everyone was safe though, no one was locked in.”

The reason why audience members aren’t allowed to leave during the middle of filming is because it affects continuity and the framing of shots.

“That’s their job to keep everyone in their seats so if they cut back to you hitting the button and all of a sudden the person has miraculously changed from a 19-year-old girl to a 70-year-old man behind you, people start claiming what’s happening on this show,” Kyle explained.

“And also so they’re not walking in the shot,” added Guy.

During our chat, Guy also addressed the rumour that producers tell the coaches who to turn for and that some artists are promised to be taken further in the competition than others.

“A radio bloke or something said that some of the artists are promised that they’ll get far or something and that we’re told who to push the button for,” he explained.

“The thing that I love about this so far is they give us full reign as coaches. I’ve probably never been as less produced on a show, which is what I’m actually really enjoying.

“But then there’s stuff where they might come past and say, ‘This is delicate or this person you know they’ve got a past so be delicate’ or that sort of thing.”

So looks like we certainly shouldn’t be believing all of the crazy rumours that we hear out there, especially when it comes to The Voice.

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