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Could Kyle Sandilands Be Pauline Hanson's Next Candidate?

We already know after some lengthy vetting from the Kyle and Jackie O political insider Sam Dastyari that Kyle Sandilands is not in a prime PR state to run for parliament. But is it possible that he could be a candidate for a political party that’s already involved with controversy?

Pauline Hanson, the woman behind the rather outlandish One Nation party, was in studio today with Jackie and Beau Ryan, who was filling in for a sick Kyle, with what we thought was an exclusive and in the lead up we had been teasing that she would have an announcement for us.

However, when Pauline arrived in studio, her name and her political party had already been circling through the headlines and we soon realised that she’d already announced her big news before coming on air with us.

Earlier in the news, Pauline had announced that Mark Latham, the former leader of the labour party, had joined forces with her to run as a candidate for a seat in the NSW parliament under One Nation.

And so when Pauline came on air with us, things turned rather awkward when Jackie and Beau found out that the exclusive we were promised had already been spilled.

Pauline Hanson Seems To Want Kyle Sandilands To Be The Next One Nation Candidate

“You said it was an exclusive for us, now we did hear about the Mark Latham announcement earlier that you gave to the TODAY show, so what’s your announcement for us that’s exclusive?” asked Jackie.

There was an extremely awkward pause as Pauline tried to think long and hard about what to say next. Eventually, clearly having nothing else to say, she just casually re-announced the news about Mark Latham.

“Mark’s going to head the party in NSW and he’s going to bring some vibrance and get everyone on board,” said Pauline.

Clearly we had some mixed communication here where we were under the impression WE would get this announcement exclusively…but nonetheless, Beau wasn’t going to give up and he pressed Pauline to give us something we could run with.

“Can you give us some exclusive today?” he asked. “Something that’s going to happen or something that we need to do?”

Clearly Pauline had nothing else, and so this is when she suggested that our very own shock jock Kyle Sandilands could run as one of her candidates!

“Maybe Kyle’s holding it until tomorrow that he might put up his hand as a candidate for One Nation,” she said.

Now that really would be an exclusive! But we have to say, we don’t reckon he’d be too keen… Kyle’s already got enough on his plate, what with our radio show and his new TV show Trial By Kyle.

Plus we can’t really imagine Kyle as a politician! But hey, never say never!

We’ll have to just see what Kyle thinks about the proposal when he’s back tomorrow!

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