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Lara Worthington Shares Her BIG Baby News!

Lara Worthington is a great friend of the Kyle and Jackie O show, which is why whenever she’s in town, we always make sure we get her in for a visit.

Fresh after having her second son, Racer, Lara caught up with the guys on air to give a thorough update.

They covered everything; from their plans to move to Los Angeles while hubby Sam Worthington films a series of Avatar movies, to their future family plans.

“I would love to have four,” she said to the guys when discussing how many children she’d like to have.

Then Kyle asked her, “are you pregnant now? Because last time I asked you I think you lied and said you weren’t [pregnant] and then ‘whoosh’ out came Rocket…’

‘Racer!’ Jackie corrected Kyle.

‘I wouldn’t lie to you Kyle. No I’m not, I’m not [pregnant].’ she exclaimed.

Well... we’ll see what happens in the next few months :)

They also spoke about her baby names, which all have something to do with ’speed’. “I LOVE the name Jet, but I couldn’t have a Rocket AND a Jet…”

“I really liked Racer, I think it’s cool, and Sam liked it too.”

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