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Lisa Oldfield Reveals She Was In Rehab Before Going On IAC

Lisa Oldfield from the Real Housewives Of Sydney may be known as the outspoken woman who’s never afraid to make a joke, whether it be about herself or her dwindling marriage, but apparently something much more serious has been going on in her mind.

In an O News segment this morning, Jackie revealed that Lisa Oldfield had actually just come out of rehab after self medicating with prescription drugs when she made an appearance in the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle recently.

“It wasn’t until her family had an intervention with her that she realised that she had a problem and then she checked into rehab,” explained Jackie during the segment. “So when we saw her in the jungle she had literally just come out.”

Lisa is a good friend of the guys and so they decided to get her on the air this morning to get her account of what she had been going through before appearing on the reality television show.

Lisa admitted that she was escaping her problems by “taking undone and drinking wine”.

“While I was gong through all of this David kept saying to me, ‘you’re an alcoholic’, so when you’re suffering from anxiety and PTSD you know you really just want someone to give you a hug,” revealed Lisa. “And for me, that wine was the hug that I desperately needed.”

As for why she was suffering from these issues, Lisa told the guys a pretty confronting story.

“I was sexually assaulted quite violently two years ago…in a cab…and I obviously reported it to police, it went through the court system but I declined getting any psychiatric help.”

And so after Lisa’s family convinced her that she needed help to deal with these issues she checked herself into rehab for two and a half weeks where she learnt to deal with her feelings of anxiety.

But according to Kyle, it wasn’t all relaxation and therapy for Lisa in rehab, because his girlfriend Imogen actually went and sprung Lisa from the hospital for a day of fun.

“Imogen aided and abetted your escape from hospital one day,” said Kyle.

To which Lisa replied, “she did!…We went shopping.”

But thankfully, the entire experience appeared to work for Lisa and she ended up leaving rehab a better person before flying to South Africa to compete in the IAC reality show.

“I feel great now because I know how to cope with anxiety,” she said.

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