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Pauline Hanson Outs Bill Shorten As Potential ’Dual Citizen'

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Pauline Hanson in the wake of the ‘dual citizenship’ drama surrounding Barnaby Joyce, given that he was thought to be a citizen of New Zealand.

This makes him effectively ineligible to be in Australia parliament if the high court rules it so, and Kyle and Jackie O wanted to get Pauline’s thoughts on it.

While discussing Barnaby’s issue, Pauline then revealed that opposition leader Bill Shorten may also be a dual citizen, citing that she believed his father was born in the United Kingdom. Straight away, our producers contacted Bill’s office.

Here is the statement we received:

‘Bill apologises that he can’t come on the show this morning he is currently in Parliament.'

He heard Pauline’s statement and sent us the following statement:

'Bill renounced his UK citizenship in 2006, like he was meant to.’

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