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Premier Of The Show

As the State gets ready to decide who'll be the premiere of New South Wales on the 28th of March, we'll star our two week campaign to decide who'll be the Premier of the Kyle and Jackie O Show... Kyle OR Jackie?!



  • We've uncovered some dreadful driving records indicating that you've lost your license and a total of 6 times and you were arrested for unlawful use of a motor vehicle
  • You had a run in with the police for impersonating a police officer
  • You broke employment law by lying to get your first job
  • We've uncovered ominous photographs of you nude
  • You defecated your pants
  • Your sexual encounters with a transsexual has raised some concerns with your more conservative voters
  • Associated with known underworld figures


Jackie O:

  • Lost your driver's license last year
  • You were caught red-handed shoplifting
  • Pulled over by police and fined for talking on your phone while driving, putting other road users at risk
  • Ran away from police with flashing lights being asked to pull over
  • Have a history with drugs, once dating a drug dealer
  • Disgraced yourself by drunk dialing a number of high profile Australian personalities

Hear Derryn Hinch's response to the campaigning...

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