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Remember The Tradie Who Was Bitten On The Penis By A Spider?

Can you think of anything worse than being bitten by a red back spider?

I can imagine there would be nothing worse than getting a bite right on your willy.

Well, that’s what happened to Sydney tradie, Jordan around five months ago.

And you’ll never believe it - it just happened again.

“There was a little crevice under the bowl and you couldn’t lift anything to check. I've checked every toilet since it happened.”

“It’s the first time I’ve used a port-a-loo since it happened the first time.”

“So literally the VERY next time you use a port-a-loo it happens again?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, and I’m never using one again.”

“Jordan, you have to wonder, what is so delicious and appealing about your penis that the spiders only go for your penis?!”

The problem now? Jordan knows that bad luck tends to come in threes.

The most devastating part?

Statistics show more people have won over $100 million in the lottery, then have been bitten on the penis.

And it’s happened to Jordan TWICE!

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