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Sally Reveals What Her Kids Said To Her After Botched Kidnap

Recounting the last time she saw her kids, nine months ago, Sally Faulkner is understandably emotional.

She spoke to Kyle and Jackie O about the heartbreaking last times she saw her children during her time in Lebanon following the botched kidnapping. One of those times was in the safe house, following the kids actually being snatched.

Sally revealed her six-year-old daughter said, ‘Daddy told us you have a new baby and don’t want us anymore.’ “That broke my heart,” she revealed to Kyle and Jackie O.

The next time she saw the kids, after being jailed in a Lebanese prison for a number of days, during which time Sally revealed she was handcuffed to Tara Brown overnight as they perched on a bed used for guards doing the night shift, was just before she flew home.

“I got an hour with them, which he cut short to 45 minutes because he had a Skype interview with The Project. He told us he had a client meeting, but it was that interview.”

“My daughter has this Barbie ring she loved, and she said, “take this, take this so you don’t forget me." “That’s when I broke.”

I said to them, 'Mummy has to go, but just know I will always love you no matter what happens. And if i'm not here just know it's not your fault."

Sally has set up a gofundme page in a bid to get her children back, please offer what you can if you’d like to help.

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