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Sophie Turner Just Gate Crashed Joe Jonas’ Interview With KJ

Joe Jonas fans would know that the DNCE band member has been living it up in Australia for a few months now while he’s working as a judge on the talent show The Voice. He’s been spotted living like a local in Bondi, surfing like a semi-pro and sight seeing like there’s no tomorrow.

And so it was only a matter of time before his fiancé and star of Game Of Thrones made the trip Down Under to join in on the fun!

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Joe revealed that his lovely partner Sophie Turner had actually surprised him by showing up in Oz only hours before he came in studio!

“She actually just got here today, or yesterday. She surprised me yesterday,” said Joe before he explained how Sophie managed to pull off the shock arrival. Although he did have a slight inkling that she was up to something.

“She tricked me because originally, I thought I figured it out, we share each other’s location and then it went away,” explained Joe. “And then she was like ‘I’m going to go to bed’ and then was like ‘I have to go straight to work’ and I was like ‘that sounds like two flights to me’.”

But Sophie must’ve realised that her beau was getting suspicious and she managed to throw him back off the scent.

“She FaceTimed me from bed and was like ‘hey I just woke up’ and I was like ‘oh sh*t, I thought I figured it out’.” But it turns out that he had figured it out and Sophie is in fact in Australia as we speak for the first time ever!

And well, she really is good at surprising people because not only did Sophie show up out of the blue at Joe’s Aussie pad, but she also made a surprise appearance in the KIIS studios when Joe popped in for his chat!

Kyle and Jackie had been discussing one of their favourite shows on TV at the moment, Love Island, when Joe revealed that Sophie is also obsessed with the reality series. And then like magic, out popped Sophie from the background!

Check out the moment that Sophie gate crashed Joe Jonas’ interview in the video above!

And just quietly, as Joe said this is Sophie’s first time ever in Australia, so if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous pair they’re likely to be hitting up all of the sight seeing spots…

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