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Cult Fans Of Wolf Creek's Murderous Bushman Mick Have WHAT!?

Self-Proclaimed Scariest Man In The World John Jarrett joined Louise Poole in studio today ahead of Supernova this weekend.

If you’ve been game enough to watch Wolf Creek you would know Jarrett as the murderous bushman Mick in the series.

Despite portraying a murderer, it seems Jarrett has built up a cult following since 2005 – people have tattooed his signature onto his arm.

He’s also had multiple couples invite him to Wolf Creek themed weddings, where the groom dresses as Mick and the wife dresses as a victim.

John admits that despite the requests he hasn’t brought himself to attend a themed wedding as yet.

What to expect of the new season in Wolf Creek?

Mick hijacks a tourist bus and goes on to have a murderous ‘smorgasbord’.

We’re quaking in our boots already...

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