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Is This The Most Bizarre Request At A Concert Yet?!

Our Music Director Louise Poole shares her review from Don Henley and Jewel’s A Day On The Green show...

After Don Henley declared ‘The Eagles are done’ after the death of co-founding member Glenn Frey early last year, fans weren’t sure they’d ever hear the sweet sounds of Hotel California live again.

But Sunday night at Sirromet Winery, Henley took us on a trip down memory lane with not only the history of his solo career but Eagles’ classics like One of These Nights, Life in the Fast Lane, Wasted Time & Desperado, the last two he dedicated to the memory of his friend Glenn.

A 15 piece band complete with horn sections and violins helped him deliver up crowd pleasing classics like End of Innocence and Boys of Summer [watch above] plus a very cool cover of Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule The WorldPerhaps as more as a political statement than nostalgia – after earlier in the night Henley described the state of USA politics as ‘batshit crazy’.

‘Special Guest’ Jewel was absolutely stunning. Delivering the bulk of her setlist ‘by request’ as she strummed her guitar alone on stage.

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Her heartfelt stories behind each song, left me wanting to go back and listen to all those old albums as well as her new one - after she played a gorgeous tribute to the sacrifices of her Father and Grandmother.

And who knew she could Yodel?

On their 2015 History of The Eagles Tour they famously banned the use of mobile phones while they are performing, a sentiment that Don Henley tried to echo again Sunday night.

‘You see best with your eyes’ and ‘The best memory bank is in your brain’ he preached to the crowd, but at an outdoor venue – it’s a practice that very hard to police. And one that feels a little outdated and rude.

I’m not advocating people getting out their oversized ipads and filming the whole show – but a loyal fan who pays for the experience of seeing their favourite singer in concert should be able to take a couple of happy snaps to remember their night by, especially when taking photos has become a part of the culture of live music shows.

But the strangest ‘ban’ of all was on ‘standing’.

As the booming American voiceover warned us twice before Don Henley took the stage: ‘Please don’t stand if you will block anyone’s view’. Um, ok. Thing is though, at a concert if anyone stands they will restrict someone’s view somewhere. We’re not at the theatre Don.

I accept that if someone in front of me wants to have a dance, I can either stand up too or stay seated and look at the screens.

I’m not bothered by other people enjoying themselves standing up even if I choose to sit. After all what fun is a concert if you can’t get up and have a little dance in your favourite song?

All She Wants To Do is Dance?...Not at a Don Henley show apparently.

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