Louise Poole

Louise has been all over the country but is very glad to come home to Brisbane.  As Louise says “Everywhere else was either too hot or too cold. But Brisbane’s climate is just right.” 

Very good Louise – I now christen thee “Baby Bear.” 

She loves cats – but not in that way. 

You will hear Louise every weekday from 9-12 on 97.3FM. But if you need her after that – you can catch her looking at funny cat pictures and other feline web phenomenon. 

Louise is also a proud coffee snob – she will shoo you and your instant brew away with the broom she keeps under her desk. 

She calls herself an artist– but that is actually  her justification for disorganisation and the mess in her lounge room. 

Listen to her every day from 9 - midday on 97.3FM. 

Likes: not taking life seriously, road trips, days at the beach, sushi, reading books in the sun, kids movies – like Disney flicks and TV comedies – like Arrested Development, free stuff… 

Dislikes: I don’t really dislike anything. I can make the best out of where I am wherever it is. Sorry, I’m a pain like that.


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