• The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Releases New Iphone App

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Morcombe's have campaigned tirelessly since the disappearance of their son Daniel to spread awareness the message of the importance of child safety and protection. This morning Robin, Terry and Bob spoke to Bruce and Denise Morcombe about an exciting project they have been working on.
After many months of research and development, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation has released a groundbreaking child safety mobile phone app called 'Help Me' . The app will ensure both children and adults have a vital tool at their disposal that will assist them to stay safer in the community.
The app has several features such as a sms text message feature that allows people to send a text along with their GPS coordinates of their whereabouts if they find themselves in trouble. There is also a notes features where people can record any suspicious activity they see in their area.
It is believed that it is the first of its kind in Australia and possibly the world, and it aims at being one of a number of safety tools, skills and behaviours to help people stay safe.
Bruce Morcombe said the idea for the app is a result of lessons learnt from their own son's abduction; "In this day and age of technology it was a logical progression for us to offer a solution through mobile phone technology, particularly when we factor in the lessons learned from Daniel's disappearance".
However Bruce also stresses the app is not just for abduction cases; " We want to reiterate that abduction is rare and that the first thing anyone should do is remove themselves from the situation. However this app is about helping people in a broad range of personal emergency situations".
The app is available on Itunes and costs just 99 cents.  You can find links to the app at the Daniel Morcombe Foundation here.


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