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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bieber's Prank Beauty And The Beat

Justin Bieber's proved he knows how to pull one heck of a publicity stunt with the release of his new music video for Beauty and the Beat!

Last week the star claimed his computer had been stolen during a concert with the thief even taking to Twitter to torment him by threatening to release embarrassing footage.

Now it seems the whole drama was part of an elaborate marketing hoax with the personal footage that of Bieber and Nicki Minaj in their music video.

On Twitter, the Bieb's claimed he wanted to show fans that they shouldn't always believe what is written about him.

Two & A Half Miley

Footage of Miley Cyrus on the set on Two & A Half Men has been released and it would seem the role is based on her own country, wild child roots.

On the show, the former Hannah Montana star plays Missy, a friend of Ashton Kutcher's character Waldon, and possible new love interest for the youngest man, Jake.

Check out the footage below for a special sneak peak!

Russell Crowe's Getting Divorced

Nine years after they first tied the knot, Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer have announced they are getting a divorce!

Apparently the pair, who have two children together, are trying to keep things amicable as they work out the finer details.


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