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Friday, September 14, 2012

Britney Faces Toughest Cut

Britney Spears is already proving she has what it takes to be an Xfactor judge after facing her first challenging cut on the US talent show.

In the first episode of the series Britney shows that she has the guts to say 'no' - even when it comes to those singers she has previously performed with!

You can't help but feel a little sorry for the Toxic singer when Don Philip, a 32 year old vocal coach who recorded a duet with Britney in 1999, starts belting out the first lines of his auditioning song.

Check out the video below to see his audition and how well Britney tries to let him down.  Unfortunately though, Philips doesn't handle the rejection any where near as well.

Breslin's All Grown Up & Belting Out The Tunes

She won our hearts over as the unaffected little girl who dances her heart out in Little Miss Sunshine and now Abigail Breslin has proved she also has the voice to match those moves.

The 16 year old actress is featured on a new song that has been released by up and coming band Stargroves - and it's pretty good!

Listen to the song and let us know what you think.

Pink & Lily Allen On True Love

In a collaboration that has us excited, Pink and Lily Allen have joined up for the new track True Love.

The catchy song will be released on Pink's new album, The Truth About True Love, which is due to hit shelves today!

Are you enjoying the collaboration as much as us?


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