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Friday, November 09, 2012

Miley Cyrus Is Surprised With Strippers On Ellen

Miley Cyrus received a surprise bachelorette party (of sorts) when she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week!

The former Disney starlet was busy talking about wedding plans when Ellen shocked her with two 'maintenance' men who began to strip.

Before the action, the 19 year old actress revealled she still holds some of the Disney values when it comes to true love, telling Ellen that the walk down the aisle "has to be like a soundtrack in a movie.  That's the one day that movie crap is real.  That romance".


Ashlee Simpson Sides With Dad In Divorce

The Simpson divorce saga appears to have split more than just parents Joe and Tina apart, with singer Ashlee Simpson coming out on her fathers side.

According to Radar Online, the youngest Simpson has pinned the blame on her mom for failing to give Joe enough attention - which is what caused him to look elsewhere!

Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is reportedly devastated by the split and feels her father is to blame.

One things for sure, this drama looks like its going to play out for a while yet.

Rihanna Release New Single... With Chris Brown

Well the album's called Unapologetic and now we are getting a taste of why following a leaked snippet of the track Nobodies Business which features Chris Brown.

We wonder if the singer is giving a hint as her on-off relationship with Chris Brown continues to be scrutinised.

Have a listen to the song below and let us know what you think!



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